And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided…(3:103)

The Message of the Earthquake

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اِذَا زُلْزِلَتِ الْاَرْضُ زِلْزَالَهَا (1) وَاَخْرَجَتِ الْاَرْضُ اَثْقَالَهَا (2) وَقَالَ الْاِنْسَانُ مَا لَهَا (3) يَوْمَئِذٍ تُحَدِّثُ اَخْبَارَهَا (4) بِاَنَّ رَبَّكَ اَوْحٰى لَهَا (5) يَوْمَئِذٍ يَّصْدُرُ النَّاسُ اَشْتَاتًا  لِّيُرَوْا اَعْمَالَهُمْ (6) فَمَنْ يَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ خَيْرًا يَّرَهٗ (7) وَمَنْ يَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ شَرًّا يَّرَهٗ (8)

Quran Ayah Data not found….for Surah:99, Ayah:1 and Translation:24

Quran Surah:99 Ayah:1-8

“When the earth will be trembledwith its quake, and the earth will bring forth itsburdens, and man will say, “What hashappened to it?” That day it will describe all itshappenings, because its Lord will have socommanded it. That day the people will come back(from the place of reckoning) indifferent groups, so that they may be shown (the fruits of) their deeds. So, whoever does any good act(even) to the weight of a particle willsee it. And whoever does evil (even) to theweight of a particle will see it.”

When I came to know the recent news of the earthquake taking place in Japan, the Surah mentioned above instantly flashed into my mind. When I kept on reciting the Surah repeatedly, a thought just occurred in my mind that why should not I share the substantial facts underlying this Surah with my other brethren in Islam? So, some of them are as follows for your sonsideration:

  • The word ‘Zalzalah’ literally means the shaking of the earth. The earthquakes taking place in these days do not normally shake the entire earth, rather just a part of it. But, the damage and destruction caused by it is really in describable. So, what would happen when the real earthquake resulting in shaking the entire earth will take place on the Day of Judgment? Can we even imagine and visualize its real form? No, not at all. Hence, it is said that when a man will observe it, he will be taken completely aback and say in utter surprise as mentioned in this Surah:

وَقَالَ الْاِنْسَانُ مَا لَهَا

“And man will say, “What has happened to it?”

  • Though Japan is known to be the most advanced country technologically, yet the damage caused by a short earthquake was out of her control. It does clearly imply that she is utmost weak and helpless in this regard despite her all powers and advancements. So, how can she bear the severe yet relentless quakes taking place followed by the real earthquakes on the Day of Judgment when she could not afford an average one.
  • As a matter of fact, when the earthquake takes place, the entire system of the earth is shaken up. It causes to make all that is hidden inside come out besides making all that lays on penetrate inside. This destruction results a great change in the entire system leaving behind its long-lasting effects. Thus, these changes prove to be the symptoms of dangers for the regular life of a man. Hence, it is instructed to turn to Allah, the Almighty and be rather careful at such moment.

Do we really observe all these things with this view and feel any urge to turn towards Allah, the Almighty and seek His refuge? If its reply is in negative, it is really a time to ponder over.

  • As a matter of fact, the minor earthquakes are in reality the signals of the major ones. As a man sees with his open eyes everything experiencing destruction and changes in the world, but, when it comes to the earth, he finds it in its real condition. It is the time when he conceives that it takes its permanents safety for granted and never be a subject to perish. But, seeing the effects of destruction caused by minor earthquakes, he is convinced that he was certainly on wrong side and makes sure that one day or the other even the earth will be subject to perish.

Doesn’t acknowledging this fact and believing in its reality carry any sense for those who reject the Day of Judgment? We must take the advantage of such happenings to make them understand its reality. But, do we ponder over this fact?

  • In fact, these events of earthquake reflect the portray of ‘each for oneself’ as also displayed on T.V. that on this moment, each and everyone flees away leaving behind his house which he had once built with great effort and difficulty. It is the time when he is not least concerned about his relatives for whom he sacrifice everything he could, but, it is the moment when he attaches more importance to a support however small it is, since he stands in dire need of it.

Do not all these these portrays and phenomena reflect the scenes tending to take place in on the Day of Judgment? Isn’t there any admonition and warning in this event for the people of understanding as to take some precaution measures before he faces this situation? Isn’t the same portray reflected in the last verse of the Surah under discussion as:

فَمَنْ يَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ خَيْرًا يَّرَهٗ

وَمَنْ يَّعْمَلْ مِثْقَالَ ذَرَّةٍ شَرًّا يَّرَهٗ

“So, whoever does any good act (even) to the weight of a particle will see it. 8. And whoever does evil (even) to the weight of a particle will see it.”

Do we ever tend to ponder over the fact as what to do to deal with the situation we are supposed to face one day or the other?

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